Auxiliary Lights




Hella 500s


I wanted more lighting at night, but I didn't want or need a lot of lights. I'm not into driving fast at night, or

off-road racing, so one extra set of lights will suit me fine for now.


I bought a pair of Hella 500s used from a friend for a good price. These are the 55 watt driving lights.


I was not sure where I wanted to mount them at first. The rack needed room for a kayak, so I didn't want to

mount them there. The only real option was on the stock front bumper. That meant I had to drill my bumper.


I plan to eventually replace the front bumper with an aftermarket bumper anyway, so I decided that I didn't

mind drilling the bumper. The installation was simple since I already had an auxiliary fuse block under the hood.

I just had to run the wires and do a clean install.


Here are the photos of the final product.


Auxiliary Fuse Block



Hella Light Relay


Light Switch in the Cab


Bumper Mount



More auxiliary lighting will be added to the sides of the rack for camp lights and the rear of the rack for back-up lights at a later date.