Frame Reinforcements




The 1995 - 2004 Toyota Tacoma frames are a little weak. Just posterior to the cab, the frame is no longer boxed. This has

caused frames to get bent or even break on some Tacomas that are really heavy. A common fix for this issue

involves the bracing of the rear frame. People have been using 3/16th inch plate to weld on the outside to reinforce

their frames.


With my truck getting heavier and heavier, I decided to go ahead and do this mod. It is cheap and good preventive



With steel prices so high, buying a large sheet of 3/16th and trying to find access to a plasma cutter was

going to be too much work. I decided to buy a set of frame reinforcements from Demello Off-Road in

California. They were already precut and even had holes in them to reduce the weight without sacrificing strength.


I asked my friend Jayson to help me weld these on, since his welding skills are far superior to mine.


The morning we went to work we noticed that the driver's side plate had been cut incorrectly. A small bracket

was not accounted for and we had to modify the plate. I have emailed Demello about the issue for future orders.


Here is the bracket that was in the way (L) and the plate hitting it (R).



Jayson notched the plate so it would fit using a plasma cutter (L) and a lot better fit (R).




The final result looked great. The trucks seems to be riding more solid with the reinforcements in, but that may be in my head.