Hi-Lift Jack Mount




I needed a new place to store my hi-lift jack since I decided to get rid of the exo-rack. To keep the jack from

deteriorating in the elements, I opted to mount it inside the bed. The first think I did was to install some bed rails

sold by hi-lift jack. These 60" rails ran the length of the bed and provided countless ways to mount and secure

items in the bed.





Then I found some heavy duty elevator bolts that I could slide into the rails to secure some hi-lift jack mounting

brackets. Before I could do anything, I had to trim down the elevator bolts so they could slide into the rails.




Now I could install my brackets.



The tops of the brackets were secured to the rails and the bottom of the brackets needed a solution. I mounted a

piece of angle iron from the scrap pile (after I sanded and painted it of course!) to the top of the wheel well. This made

for a secure mounting top and bottom. This is very secure and it does not rattle. I'm happy that I made this work in a hard to use

space in the bed.