Colmin-X Exo-Rack



Here are some pictures of the rack as it came before I did any modifications to it.





The first mod I did to the rack was to weld in some hi-lift jack mounts.





I made sure that the hi-lift sat high enough that it would not hit the glass when the windoor was open.






The next modification was some flooring. There are many options out there for rack flooring. In my case, I was being

very conscious about weight. I was going to go with expanded metal, but it weighed so much... I read about another

option online and gave it a try. I decided to use kennel/poultry flooring. I bought three 4x2 pieces at Clear Span. I used

part number HA2217. At only 15 dollars per panel, weighing less than 7 pounds per panel, I had to try it.


The flooring was sturdy, but it still needed some support. Even expanded metal would have needed more support. I bought some angle

iron at the metal shop and went to work. Here are some pictures of the flooring install.






I have slept up top a number of times now and carried kayaks up there and this flooring system is working great! I'm really happy with it. It does not

whistle or vibrate at highway speed either.


Another small modification I have made is to install a bottle opener on the rack. I had a perfect place for it near the driver's door. I don't condone

drinking and driving, this is just for camp beverages only!!!




The whole front section of the rack is still open. I'm not sure what I'll do up there. I'm considering making a custom spare tire mount up there

to move the spare from underneath the truck. I also will be installing some side and rear facing wide angle lights on the rack for camp and backup