Gear Install from 4.10s to 4.88s
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Since moving to the taller 255/85R16 tire, my gearing has been way off. I was always dropping out of fifth gear

on the highway and the power was just gone when in 4wd. My buddy Brian DeArmon helped me install a new gearset over

Christmas 2006.

I bought Yukon gears from Randy's Ring and Pinion for the rear and their cheaper house brand for the front

because they were out of Yukon for the front. I only bought the minimum install kits and in retrospect, I should have bought

the full master kits and changed the bearings and races. The wear wasn't bad, but we were already in there and should have just

done it. Live and learn I guess.

A few things to consider for Tacoma owners if you do gears yourself:

  • Make sure to get the new companion flange for the rear since the spline count changes on the pinion shaft
  • Get full master install kits
  • Make sure that the front kit comes with side shims
  • Buy new locking plates from the dealer for the ring gear bolts, just to be safe
  • Be patient and have lots of beer on hand...

Thoughts on the 4.88s so far...

I do have my power back, but the highway mileage is bad now. If I stay at 65-70mph I am getting upwards of 17-18mpg,

but any faster and the truck is drinking the fuel. I think 4.56s would have been closer to stock, but I like the extra power. The

speedometer is now 9-10 mph fast, I'm looking into an aftermarket tool to fix that.

A few photos...
small product photo          
Here is the front diff draining   Comparing the new and old ring gear for the front        
All the parts for the front are clean and ready to go back in Checking the backlash on the front
Last step, checking the pattern, not bad  
Now for the rear, have to first pull the axles Third member out
Empty rear diff Checking the backlash on the rear
And the pattern  
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