Waeco CoolFreeze CF-50



I have dealt with normal coolers all my life. The ice melts too fast, everything gets wet, the contamination,

and meat spoiling because it just isn't cool enough. Did I need a fridge in the truck? Umm, no... Do I have

a wife to tell me NO?? Ummm, no! So, I bought one in October 2006.


In the 12V fridge market, there are lots of options. After all my research, I was down to getting the

Waeco CF-50 or the similar Engel 45qt. Both are superb units. I think my choice to go with the Waeco

revolved around the larger capacity, built in battery voltage protection technology, and a side-opening

lid that was able to be opened from either side.


After I got the fridge, I needed a good permanent mounting location that would secure it. I would hate for a

large bump in the road to send my fridge flying! Waeco sells a slide lock, but I tried to fabricate something

myself instead.


I wanted the fridge to be behind my seat, protecting it from the dust and vibration I'd have if I installed it

in the bed of the truck like most do.


I built a small deck out of oak that mounted directly to the raised decking behind my seat. I had to remove

the rear seats and seat belts to accommodate the deck. The small cubby hole on the driver's side would no longer

be accessible, but all it held was the bottle jack. I simply moved the bottle jack to the passenger side cubby. The raised

platform allows all the vertical space to be used. When open, the lid just grazes the roofline. The space below the deck

just happens to fit four of my gazettier maps. Cool!


Here are some pictures.




On the side pieces I placed a large eye-bolt for securing the fridge with straps. These pictures show the last setup. They fridge is strapped down

with a pair or NRS straps.