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Fishing trip with Taylor in Washington, May 2018. I met up with my bro Taylor for a fishing trip, this time up where he's at in the Pacific Northwest. It's a lot different than Baja!   **New!

Some random stuff from 2017 including a trip to the Peloncillos and a couple of hunts. **New!

Gonzaga Bay Fishing Trip, November 2016. Taylor and I did a short run to Papa Fernandez at Gonzaga Bay for some kayak fishing. **New!

Puerto Rico! December 2015. I meet my old pals Brian and Shannon for a trip through Puerto Rico. **New!

Hawkwatchin and Sand dunin! Fall 2015. Friends and I did some trips to Hawkwatch in the Manzano Mountains and hit the sand dunes at White Sands National Monument too. **New!

Baja, top to bottom, Dec 20, 2014 - Jan 2, 2015. Dan and I did a quick trip through the Baja peninsula.

YEWA Birding trip to the Gila River in the Big Burro Mountains, April 19-20, 2014. My buddies Steve, Brian, and I hit a new birding spot!

Chaco Culture National Historical Park, New Mexico, Sept 30, 2013. My brother Jesse and I checked out Chaco.

Birthday Roadtrip! July 4-6 2013. I explored some new areas in northeastern NM and then climbed a 14er in CO!

PariaBackpacking Bukskin Gulch and Paria Canyon, Utah, September 22-28 2012. Brian, Steve, and I have some great adventures in the Coyote Buttes North, Buckskin Gulch, and Paria Canyon.

Southern Utah, July 4th - 8th 2012, Roadtrip through southern Utah to celebrate turning 41! 

Baja Mexico, Dec 24th 2011 - January 1st 2012, Me, Taylor, Chris, and Al had a great trip to northern Baja to ring in the new year!

Kofa National Wildlife Refuge, 25 Nov - 27 Nov 2011, A few pictures from our annual FZB trip. This year we were back at Kofa, I love that place...

O'ahu and Hawaii, 19 Mar - 03 Apr 2011, I attended Brandon's wedding, hung out with my friends Larry and Nikki, and visisted the Big Island, great trip!

Baja Mexico, 26 Feb - 15 Mar 2011, Me and Taylor have an epic Baja trip, ecology, kayaking, whale watching, and lots of miles!

Snowshoeing up Mt Taylor, 08 Jan 2011, I test out my new snowshoes with my friend Howard.

A beach in Sonora Mexico, Dec 29th - Jan 1st, Me and my good friends enjoy the New Years on a remote beach in Sonora Mexico, what a great trip, but it was too short...

Festival of the Cranes at Bosque del Apache NWR, Nov 2010

A morning walk on a fall day in downtown Santa Fe, 24 Oct 2010.

A walk through the woods at Aspen Vista, 16 Oct 2010, near Santa Fe Ski Area. Me and Jen take a drive up to the high country to look at colors.

Summer 2010. This is not a trip, just a compilation of lots of things I've done this summer. Lots of bird work, lizard work, snake work, parties, concerts, and all with good friends. What else is there in life? :)

NCTC, April 11th - 16th 2010. I spent a week in Shepherdstown WV at the National Conservation Training Center.

Baja Mexico, February 1st - 21st 2010. An awesome solo-adventure for 3 weeks in Baja Mexico!

International Sportsman's Expo, Denver Colorado, January 8 - 10th 2010. A quick trip up to Denver with Bruce and Lyndi to check out the Expo and see some 4 Wheel Campers.

San Carlos and environs, Sonora Mexico, December 26th 2009 - January 2nd 2010. An awesome remote beach adventure.

Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge, November 15th 2009. A quick drive through the Bosque.

Rattlesnake Research Trip, Southern NM, October 4th - 11th 2009. I helped biologists from NMDGF on an annual snake survey for an endangered rattlesnake species.

Rattlesnake Springs and the Black River, Southern NM, June 18th - 20th 2009. I went down south for few days to do some birding at a famous hotspot near Carlsbad called Rattlesnake Springs.

Roadtrip to Wyoming then south through Utah, May 22nd - 26th 2009. I did a fast road trip up to Wyoming and then south through Utah over the Memorial Holiday weekend. I met up with KC and Mia for the first couple days and then avoided thunderstorms through Utah.

El Pinacate Y Gran Desierto De Altar, Sonora, Mexico. February 27th - March 1st 2009. Me and several friends did a quick trip to El Pinacate to look at wildflowers and then head down to the coast for a night on the beach. It was a fun trip, but too fast.

Sitting Bull Falls, Guadalupe District, Lincoln National Forest, New Mexico. February 14th - 15th 2009. I spent a few days exploring cool places in southern NM. These photos are from my hike into Sitting Bull Falls from the top.


Exploring New Zealand, trip of a lifetime. Dec 22nd 2008 - Jan 14th 2009. I spent a little over 3 weeks exploring the north and south island of New Zealand. I can't wait to go back someday.

Archived Trips


Annual Feuerzangenbowle Party at Kofa NWR, November 28th - 30th 2008. I met up with a lot of old friends in a remote part of western AZ for our annual party. Hikes, 4x4 action, good food, drinks, and friends.
Kayaking Lake Powell, November 7th - 11th 2008. Me and 4 friends spent 5 days camping out of our kayaks above Halls Crossing. Powell didn't disappoint!
Hiking Santa Fe Baldy, September 6th 2008. Me and 3 friends complete a tough hike in northern NM.
No Country For Cold Men, May 22nd - 26th 2008. Exploring Wyoming and the Yellowstone National Park. It was my turn to head north to visit my buddy KC. He came up with the cool title of this trip too. Awesome trip!
Rattlesnakes, Geology, and Sand Dunes, March 7-9 2008. Camping with friends in the Organ Mountains in Southern NM.
Washington, DC, February 14th - 18th 2008. I'm went to DC to party with old friends over the President's Day holiday.


San Carlos, Sonora Mexico, December 23rd - 30th 2007. My brother Jess and I went kayaking, hiking, and exploring in Sonora Mexico.
Exploring northeastern Arizona, November 3rd & 4th 2007. A fun little trip to explore an often overlooked area of AZ. We checked out the Rock Art Ranch near Holbrook and parts of the Apache National Forest.
My first trip to Norway!! October 20th - 28th 2007. I went out to spend a week with my friend Eigunn.
The Pacific Northwest, August 11th - 18th 2007. I had a great trip!! I went out for Kari's wedding, then explored the Olympic Peninsula for 5 more days. It was a great time.
Cibola National Forest, NM, August 3rd - 5th 2007. A combined herpetology and exploration trip to the Gallina and San Mateo mountains in central New Mexico.
Mt Elbert, south of Leadville Colorado, July 27th - 28th 2007. I bagged Mt Elbert in just over 4 hours!
Kayaking Abiquiu Lake, June 30th 2007. A great day on the water in northern New Mexico!
Canadian River in northeastern NM, June 22nd - 24th 2007. A combined herpetology and exploration trip to the Canadian River in northeastern New Mexico.
Kayaking Santa Cruz Lake, May 20th 2007. A nice morning out on the water.
Baja Mexico, March 10th - 24th 2007. We went down to see the California Gray Whales and do some killer kayaking, birding, snorkeling, and exploring in Baja Mexico.
Petroglyph art near Sedona, Central AZ, January 1st 2007. A great way to kick off 2007!


Exploring Death Valley, Central CA, November 23rd - 27th 2006. I still made this trip in honor of my Dad. My friends made the trip for me.
Geronimo Trail, Southwestern New Mexico & southeastern Arizona, October 7th 2006. After a week-long camping trip in southwestern NM, I drove the Geronimo Trail over the Peloncillo Mountains.
Kayaking Lake Roosevelt, Central AZ, September 15th - 17th 2006. Me and my buddies met up at one of the desert lakes to do some fishing and kayaking.
Colorado, June 23rd - 25th 2006. I explored Great Sand Dunes National Park and then met up with friends to hike Mt Elbert, the highest peak in Colorado!
South America!!!!!!!! June 5th - 20th 2006. What an amazing trip to Brazil! I had over 2000 images to go through! Best trip of my life for sure, thanks in most part to the great travel companions I had!
White Rim Trail, Canyonlands, Utah, May 12th - 14th 2006. I met K.C. and Darren for a few days of photographic eye candy in Utah!
Chiricahua Mountains in SE AZ, April 28th - 30th 2006. Awesome trip through SE AZ with my buddy Brian.
Paddling Black Canyon, February 17th - 19th 2006. Me and 3 friends kayaked and canoed the Black Canyon!


Kayaking in Baja Norte, December 27th 2005 - January 2nd 2006. Me and two friends had a blast in Baja!
El Malpais National Monument, November 23rd 2005. I spent the day hiking through lava fields, lava tubes, caves, and cinder cones!
San Juan Mountains, Colorado, July 17th 2005. I hiked my first 14er, Handies Peak, and also enjoyed the wonders of Colorado!
Backpacking in the White Mountains near Alpine, AZ. July 2nd - 4th 2005. Me and six friends backpacked along the Fish Creek Trail to the Black River. We covered ~22 miles in 3 days! Yikes!!
Big Sur, California, April 17th - 24th, 2005. A week long advanced bird banding class taught by Peter Pyle, the definitive authority on ageing and sexing passerine birds. I also visited Sequoia National Park and San Francisco!
Baja Mexico, March 24th - April 2nd, 2005. A ten day trip to explore Baja Norte with six biologists/ecologists!
Huge Snow Storm, March 14-15, 2005. We had the most snow I've seen since coming to NM in this one storm. It was amazing!
Kayaking the Black Canyon below Hoover Dam, February 2005. A 3day paddling adventure full of steep walled canyons and hot springs!


Deer Hunting in the Black Range, November 2004, west of Truth or Consequences, NM. A 3 day deer hunting trip to unit 21 with my friends Bruce, Joe, and Eric.
Truchas Peak Attempt, August 2004, Sangre de Cristo Mountains. A day hike with friends to Truchas Peak North.
San Leonardo Lakes Hike, July 2004, Sangre de Cristo Mountains. Another day hike with friends.
San Leonardo Lakes Hike, June 2004, Sangre de Cristo Mountains. A day hike to the lakes.
Baja Mexico, March 2004. Me and my buddy Dave went to San Ignacio, in Baja Sur.


Jemez Trail Run with Jayson, July 2003. My buddy Jayson and I explored some back roads in the Jemez Mountains, northern NM.
Banding Summer Tanagers, Summer 2003, Gila River Cantral AZ. I was helping one of my best friends Tiffany capture summer tanagers to band them and get blood samples for her master's research. It was a fun day catching birds in a nice riparian area.
Raptor Research Class, June 2003, Stevens Point Wisconsin. These photos are from a class I took that taught research techniques for raptors. It was a very rewarding class.
Gila National Forest Camping, May 2003. The first few days of this trip I camped with my buddy Anthony from El Paso, after that I met my buddy Scott from work and we explored the western side of the Gila National Forest.
Baja Mexico, March 2003. I went to Baja again, by myself this time. Didn't get as far as I wanted due to weather but had a great time down south as always.


Advanced Bird Banding Class, July 2002, The Alaska Bird Observatory in Fairbanks Alaska. This was a two week advanced bird banding class taught at the Alaska Bird Observatory in Fairbanks. Besides the class, I got to explore some of Alaska around Fairbanks.


Older stuff will be added as I scan things in...



Note: Any 4-wheeling I do is always on a marked or identified road or two-track. Driving off of the road

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