Jemez Mountains, New Mexico


July 2003


Jemez Mountains, Northern New Mexico


Me, 2001 GMC Sonoma ZR2
Jayson, 1998 Toyota 4Runner


Jemez Ranger District, Santa Fe National Forest


I do a lot of recreating in the Jemez Mountains. They are essentially my backyard. There are so many
beautiful and remote places in this small range. These are just a few pictures from a little day trip
that my friend Jayson and I took.

We drove up FR 117 to the west side of the VCNP and hit pipeline road. Just a scenic drive,
but a few places to twist up the axles a bit.

There are lots of cool rock formations in the Jemez because of the rock being so soft.
The volcanic tuff is not very old. This rock was aptly named, "phallic rock"!

This old water tank was empty and in the middle of nowhere. Ranchers must use it now and again.

We headed south on FR 376 out to the Gilman Tunnels area. The views were spectacular!

Thanks for looking...

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