Raptor Research Class


June 2003


Stevens Point, Wisconsin


Just Me


Linwood Springs Research Station


In June 2003 I attended a week long class at the Linwood Springs Research Station in
Stevens Point Wisconsin. The class taught all the field techniques for working with
raptors including capture, handling,
identification, marking, etc. I learned a lot at this
class and use the techniques in my current line of work.

We started off learning how to use "Do-ghaza" nets to capture red shouldered hawks.
There is a net between the poles that is elevated into the canopy and the hawks try to
hit the owl decoy and end up in the net.

After capture, we remove them from the net and put them into cans to restrain them.
Then we can attached the appropriate leg bands safely. In the photo, vice grips are
being used to hold a color band in place while the glue sets. No pressure is being
exerted on the hawk's leg.

Then it is time for photos and release.

We also learned techniques for climbing trees.

The instructor, Gene, climbed to several high nests to lower nestlings
down in buckets to be banded. Note the nest height.

The nestlings were cute as hell and they were strong enough to "foot" you yet.

We also banded some short-eared owl babies.

We got lucky and caught the angry parent too!
That is one angry owl!

And release!

Then we caught some kestrels and banded the adults and babies. The males are more
gray and females are brown.

Overall it was a very rewarding trip and I highly recommend the class for any
professional bird banders.

Thanks for looking...

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