One thing I love about New mexico, and the Southwest in general, is the unpredictable weather! We had a huge late winter snow storm

the past few days. In fact, this was the most snow I've seen since coming to New Mexico in 1998! Here are a few pictures.

The snow was piled high on my porch!

Poor Fozzy had a tough go of it, the snow was over her little head in places!

Here is a little video of Fozzy having a tough time negotiating the snow. (2.2Mb, avi format)

My truck was a real mess!

The birds were still out in numbers! My "ghetto" bird feeder I built held up well, glad I put a roof on it!

I had dozens of evening grosbeaks and dark-eyed juncos. A few lesser goldfinches and pine siskens

were on the thistle sock, and I had one white breasted nuthatch visiting the suet feeder. An occasional

house finch and mountain chickadee were around too.

The backside of my place was dangerous with all the icicles!

After driving the truck all day Tuesday, I had lots of ice built up around the skid plate and I must have some ice

in one of the rims because it is vibrating like crazy above 60mph! Hopefully nothing is wrong, I head to Baja next week!!

Thanks for looking...

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