Kayaking Lake Abiquiu


June 30th 2007


Lake Abiquiu is about one and a half hours north of me. It's a beautiful 5000 acre lake fed by the Rio Chama. The geology around the lake is amazing with lots of deep red colors in the rocks. The area reminds me a lot of Sedona. On the south side of the lake, along the northern flanks of the Jemez Mountains, is the Cerro Pedernal. The historic mountain was often the artistic subject of Georgia O' Keefe. She used to paint the Pedernal from nearby Ghost Ranch. The O'Keefe Museum in Santa Fe is a must see.



I put in at the boat ramp and paddled north. I made a large loop, heading up toward the river inlet and then back around the west side of the lake and back to the truck. By mid-day the wave runners and water skiers were really out in force. It made for some interesting wave action. :)


A few pictures...


A view of Cerro Pedernal.


Colorful geology.


Gorgeous flat water.


Western grebe.


The colors......


I stopped on the western bank to explore a little.



I'll hve to come back and explore further up the Rio Chama next time. :)


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