Baja, March 10th - 24th 2007

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Me and my friends Brian and Marisa spent two weeks in Baja in March. This trip report details the adventure.

This trip had lots of highlights including:

  • 3 friends
  • 15 days of Baja magic
  • 2 trucks
  • 3 kayaks
  • A lot of Tecate
  • 3500 miles round trip from my place in New Mexico
  • Kayaking
  • Snorkeling
  • Photography
  • Old missions
  • Kind, generous local people
  • Cool wildlife
  • Crazy weather
  • Beautiful weather
  • 4-wheeling
  • And much more…

I have to thank my many friends that helped me plan this trip.  Also thanks to all my friends that acted as POCs for us in case we needed them.  Thanks! 


The plan was simple, leave Tucson early on Saturday morning, drive south 400 miles to Los Mochis, then over to Topolobampo to catch the overnight ferry to La Paz. The beginning of day two would be in La Paz, Baja Sur. A little ambitious in retrospect, but still a damn good plan. :)


Here is a map of the places we stayed. It is clickable to a larger image, as are most of the images in this report.



The links at the top of the page will get you through this trip report by day. If you'd rather just look at pictures without all the text, you can do that too. I have set up a gallery here at this link, many of the nice bird images are Brian's.

Also, if you'd like to hear a different version of the same trip, you an read Brian's trip report that he has posted on his website.

On to the trip!! --On to March 10th--

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