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On Aug 12th before the wedding, I went to the Ballard...
Underneath the locks there is a viewing area to see the...
Me in my tux at the wedding. I needed a drink! LOL..
080907 743
The Seattle Space Needle from the boat where we had the...
Downtown Seattle.
Brad, Marjorie, and Cohen. My buds. :)
The bride Kari and her sister KC.
The next day I drove north to Anacortes to go on a...
IMG 5908
IMG 5909
Our kayak tour was taking a water taxi out to one of the...
Cockpit of the water taxi.
Heading out. :)
IMG 5918
They dropped us off on this remote beach on the northeast...
Yeah, she was hot. ;-)
IMG 5921
This beach was popular with sailboats.
Our guide Pete getting the gear ready.
We kayaked out to the cone islands to the east. I didn't...
IMG 5926
IMG 5927
This is in Eagle Harbor. Aptly named as we saw lots of...

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