Hiking Santa Fe Baldy


I've lived at the base of this mountain for ten years now. I was always afraid of this hike because I had heard how hard it was.

It was time to hike this mountain...



I met up with my friends Jeanne, Laura, and Mark early on Saturday morning and we arrived at the trailhead at 7am sharp. The weather was supposed to be sunny all day and it was. I was not prepared for the wind and cold temps at the top though. That was my fault and I'll prepare better next time.

The trail is over 7 miles long according to some websites (link1, link2) and my GPS track said 7.11 miles after we peaked out. It took me just under 4 hours to make the peak. That was record time for me, so much for the mountain being hard! We had some lunch on the east side of the peak out of the wind and the hike down was tough on my knees and it too took just under 4 hours.

What a great day! Here is a link to my pictures.



At the peak 12,622 ft....


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