Wyoming, Memorial Weekend 2008

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 May 22nd 2008

It had been over a year since I shared a brew and a fire with my bro KC. We had this trip in the works for some time and when I saw the weather forecast, I never even considered changing plans. This winter doesn’t seem to want to let go around here, but it wasn’t going to change my plans.

I took off early on May 22nd to head to Lander after calling in sick to work. I was sick of working! I decided to drive straight north through the center of Colorado into Wyoming. As I drove through snow storm after snow storm, I started hearing on the radio about a killer tornado in northern Colorado. Hmmm, I was now in northern Colorado too... Later when I got into Wyoming, I heard about another tornado hitting near me there too. I missed it all thankfully, just rolling on through the rain and snow.

I got to Lander about 3pm and KC promptly started showing off his cool 60 series and took me for a ride to see the sights in and around Lander. The real treat for me and arguably the best part of the trip was spending that afternoon and evening with KC, his super sweet girlfriend Mia, and his two cute kids, Riley and Paige. Having dinner at the local pizza joint with the gf and the kids was a lot of fun. KC is living the dream. What is that dream? It’s different for everyone ya know, but you know it when it’s there. Seeing the gang all having fun at dinner night was great, thanks for letting me join in KC. :-)

I’ll attach a few pictures of the drive north, nothing too spectacular.

Here is a little map of the route I took north the evening of the 21st and the day of the 22nd.





On to May 23rd....





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