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February 1st - 21st 2010

Baja Norte Photo Album

I entered Baja at Mexicali and drove down the eastern coast. I only stayed 4 nights in Baja Norte because I wanted to spend more time down south on this trip. The highlights were seeing Coco and spending a few nights in the Bay of Los Angeles.


Baja Sur Photo Album (This is a rather large album)

I criss-crossed from the Sea of Cortez to the Pacific a few times. I spent some time at Bahia Concepcion, saw the whales at San Ignacio, checked out the Carnaval in La Paz, and sat on a beach down south for a week. The highlights were the amazing whales and the week relaxing at Los Frailes.



The attached maps show all the roads I drove for this trip. I put approximately 2500 miles on my truck while in Mexico.

Overview Map Baja Norte Baja Sur


Bird list for the trip...

I noted 84 bird species on this trip and I wasn't even trying that hard.
In case you're interested, the full list is linked here (pdf)


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