Baja Mexico

26 Feb 2011 -- 14 Mar 2011



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Intro Page


The cohorts:

Chuck: Ornithologist, traveler, generally full of crap.

Taylor: Herpetologist, traveler, and also generally full of crap. (Taylor's blog: )

Michael: Baja veteran, traveler, and also pretty much full of crap!



The plan:

Taylor and I started planning this trip while on an Animas trip in 2009. We wanted to leave in mid-March so we'd have better snakes, but I had a wedding to go to in Hawaii in March so we left earlier on 26 Feb. It would have been fine, except for the record cold snap we encountered as we crossed the border. So the first week was a lot less herpetology than we hoped, but whatever, we had kayaks, boose, and a map, so it was all good. Michael, an old friend of mine from Mesa AZ joined the trip for the first week. He is a grizzled Baja veteran and he was like having a living Baja encyclopedia on the trip.

All the pictures in this report open to a larger size. Enjoy...

PDF of all the birds I saw

PDF of all the reptiles and amphibians I saw








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