Gila April

Steve, Brian, and I went birding on the Gila River in April 2014. This area is on Forest Service land and is known as "The Bird Sanctuary" at the end of the Bill Evans Lake Road. This was a great trip and I really recommend this area.
IMG 3145  Coming over the hill into the area was a great view with the Gila River up against the mountians. IMG 3146 IMG 3147  The surrounding habitat here on the north side of the Big Burro Mountains was mostly PJ with some ponderosa and a lot of oaks in the canyon bottoms.
IMG 3148  A New Mexico birding trail photo 1-2  iPhone pic! Me and Brian all geared up photo 2-2  iPhone pic! Steve and Brian
IMG 3151  The river was flowing pretty good but had seriously flooded last fall. Lots of big trees were uprooted. IMG 3154  The cottonwood overstory was really great. IMG 3155
IMG 3161  The riparian corridor was next to a nice grassland. MG 8048  Spotted Towhee MG 8052  Green-tailed Towhee
MG 8055  Green-tailed Towhee MG 8076  Yellow Warbler, male MG 8077  Yellow Warbler, male
MG 8080  Black Phoebe MG 8084  Lucy's Warbler, numerous but tough to photograph MG 8091  Chipping Sparrow
MG 8094  Northern Rough-winged Swallows MG 8098  Northern Rough-winged Swallows MG 8102  Lots of sparrows and kingbirds working the grasslands
MG 8105  Wild Turkey MG 8115  Summer Tanager MG 8118  Western Kingbird
MG 8121  Townsend's Solitaire MG 8126  Common Mergansers, male and female MG 8141  Yellow-rumped Warbler, male (Audubon's)
MG 8144  Yellow-rumped Warbler, female, with an insect in her mouth MG 8148  Yellow-rumped Warbler, male MG 8157  Common Black-Hawk
MG 8173  Red-tailed Hawk (adult) MG 8177  Red-tailed Hawk (juvenile from last year) MG 8192  Bullock's Oriole
MG 8194  Great-horned Owl MG 8201  Great-horned Owl MG 8203  Vermillion Flycatcher, male
MG 8123  Steve MG 8215  Brian